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Isn't This Cool?

Friday, May 19, 2006
How do you like it? I was surfing for new blogskins when I remembered that a few of my fellow Romance Divas do all this HTML, CSS stuff for fun and/or profit. Voila! The lovely Chrissy Olinger of Websong Designs had this template ready for a website. I e-mailed and asked if it could be used for a blog and, even though she was crawling in nieces and nephews all day, she e-mailed me the adjusted code.

I Love It!! I'm going to tweak a bit to see if I can't enlarge the frame a little and maybe increase the font size a half-point or so, but I love the colors and I love the books!

In other blogging news, PBW had a really thought-provoking post over at Romancing the Blog today. I highly recommend reading it if you want to make your blog work more efficiently as a marketing tool.

I'm going to work on making this blog a little less MOI-centred -- fascinating as I am, I'm sure -- and a little more of a romance writer and reader's blog. I'll unveil my plan as it comes to me.
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