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Finished another WW!

Monday, May 22, 2006
The Samba entry turned into a Woman's World entry. My cp's are giving me great feedback on it, so it should be ready to turn in very soon. I wrote their first meet and it was way too sweet to ever turn hot, so when I finished that section of it, I realized I was done!

Even though they've rejected both my submissions thus far, I feel like I've done well with WW. I've received personal notes both times and the last one even went all the way up to the top editor!

We're buying carpet today. We have spent the last couple of days shopping for something to replace the truly hideous polyester Berber nightmare that graces our living room. It's hijous. To be honest, the carpet we're picking isn't something I've dreamed of, but we're just trying to dress up the house to sell it. The house two doors down from us has been on the market for over a month and two days ago, the house across the street went up for sale. Thankfully, another house about five doors down just closed. It was starting to look weird, having so many houses on our street for sale.

I'm reading FOUNDING MOTHERS by Cokie Roberts for my neighborhood book club tonight. It's really good! I'm not a history buff, to be honest, and often have to slog through the selections, but I'm really enjoying this one. Cokie has an engaging voice and makes free to comment on the foibles of our country's early characters.

And my house is a complete disaster, but that's nothing new around here.

Back with more tomorrow, I hope!
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