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I'm Ba-aack!!

Friday, February 04, 2005
I was seriously down in the dumps for a few days. Not posting anything new that wouldn't be the most depressing thing in the world. I'll admit I'm not on top of the world yet, but I do believe the fog is burning off.

How's that for a mixed metaphor?

I have my new, handy-dandy inhaler nearby for my next coughing fit. I'd forgotten how much I love inhalers. Finally. Medicine that works.

Anyway, I've decided I really can't face Dude again yet. I know, there's not much left to work on, but I really can't do it right now. Soon, though. Soon.

In the mean-by (meantime + by and by = mean-by), I've been noodling with the short. Finally found my hero's first name -- Colm. I've also changed the location. From Israel to Ireland. Do I know anything about Ireland? Probably less than I know about Israel and I know absolutely nothing about Israel. There you have it, folks. I'm living proof that you can know LESS than absolutely nothing.

For instance, is an Irishman more likely to say, "Shit" or "Shite"? Anyone know the answer to that one?

Speaking of foul language, a board buddy on eHq posted the most hilarious site of Naval language. My favorite is WFW = Waaah F***ing Waaah.
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Ireland is super, but I would say that because half my familt are Irish. My hero in A Notorious Deception is Irish. He's most likely to say 'name your seconds' or something hot tempered ;)

By Blogger Kate Allan, at 6:29 PM  

Thanks for visiting my blog today! I'm glad you're feeling better.

By Blogger Joely Sue Burkhart, at 7:44 PM  

I'd vote for shite... I've been to Ireland and have an Irish friend (currently in Malaysia) who'd be glad to help, I'm sure.

The one word I remember most from Dublin was "morto" being short for mortified. "She overheard me complaining and I was morto..." Fabulous.

By Blogger Anna Lucia, at 4:29 AM  

I loved Ireland! But also, half my family is Irish too. LOL. I did go visit, and woudl be happy ot help if I can ...maybe if you need a Canadian's viewpoint of Ireland? (Yeah, I know. I doubt it..LOl but I wanted to offer. )

Hope you feel better!

By Blogger Sasha White, at 7:16 AM  

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