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No Such Luck

Sunday, January 30, 2005
Yeah. About that transition scene. Hasn't happened yet. The headache that plagued me all week finally dissipated, but I'm still sick and exhausted. I started on it today, but it tried to morph into a sex fest. Not that I have anything against sex fests, but if they do it now, it doesn't allow for much variation at this point in the storyline. Since I just finished the "big" love scene the page before. I think I'll just do some neckus interruptus. That oughta hold 'em. At least until he dies. *happy sigh* It gets really tragic from here on out. Very Greek.

I love killing off characters almost as much as I love dying on stage. I got to do that once when I played Emilia in Othello for a director's workshop. It was one of my favorite parts ever. Great director, too. Lots of vision.

I wonder sometimes if I'll ever get another really great part. I've done plenty of stuff since college, but what I crave is something I can really sink my teeth into. Shakespearean steak instead of normal community theatre meringue. Seriously. When was the last time the local amateur dramatics group did King Lear, or A Doll's House, or even Joan of Arc? Never. They keep doing Our Town and Oklahoma. I'm so bloody bored with musical theatre I'd gladly never sing again.

I did two musicals back to back to prove to myself that I could sing in public without forgetting the words. Now I'm done with it. Now I want to go back to serious acting. There's only one problem. (Well, two. But one's simple logistics.) I'm getting too old. If I'm lucky, I've got 5, maybe up to 7 years left before I start playing someone's mother. I can't remember who said this about Joan of Arc (the Shaw version) but it was something like, "By the time you're really old enough to play Joan well, you're too old to play her at all."

It's just as well I chose writing as my primary creative outlet instead of acting. At least in writing, I don't have to worry about wrinkles.
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