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Feeling better, feeling silly

Tuesday, January 25, 2005
And that, folks, is why I abandoned philosophy. Too many $3 words, not enough real world. I think I drag them out every so often to remind myself that I used to have one of those pretentious, self-important academic minds instead of being, as I've said before, a dilettante hausfrau pounding out chirpy little stories.

I edited another page and half, but the transition is still missing something. There's an opportunity there to throw in a little heartbreak and I haven't done it. Must figure that out.

I'm tired of Dude. I want to move on to Big Bad Wolf, but I persevere. The end is soooo close!

Felt pretty decent all day -- few aches, but a nifty new barking cough. Now as the day draws to an end, I'm hurting more. A Motrin, then a Brownie meeting, then bed.
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