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I Gave Thanks

Sunday, November 26, 2006
And we had a lot of fun! SIL lives near Chicago, which is not a bad drive from here. I was pleasantly surprised. They fried a turkey -- delicious! --, cooked a ham -- also yummy --, and we stuffed ourselves. The sweet potato casserole was a hit, thank goodness. Only one dessert lasted the whole time and that wasn't for lack of trying. When I make baklava, I make a biiiiig pan of it, so the leftovers got split up. But the Caramel Apple Pie was the first to go, followed by the Pumpkin Pie, then the caramel chocolate cake. Apparently, caramel goes well with almost everything.

We got home last night -- no traffic issues coming or going -- and we've got today to sort things out and recover.

Still working on Daughter of Privilege. Next week should be fairly normal, so I'm hoping for great things.
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