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Monday Morning

Monday, July 30, 2007
Freaking early on Monday morning, too. I've been up since 5:30. In fact, I've been getting up that early for a couple of months now. It's weird. And unwanted. But once I'm up, I can't get back to sleep anymore.

Anyway, I'm feeling not so hot since last night, but I'm functioning. It's a good thing because I've started a housecleaning challenge with a friend of mine. It's like a writing challenge, but with cleaning. Clean for 20 min, check in for a few minutes, clean again. We should probably intersperse writing and cleaning.

I've got two deadlines this week. I'm turning in a short for the next edition of DREAMS & DESIRES. Freya's Bower has decided to make it an annual event, which is fantastic. I'll let y'all know more as I do.

And I need to turn in my second round of edits for HEART OF THE SEA, asap. I'm going through it with a red pen and noting my dependence on the word "just." It's a throwaway word -- meaningless 90% of the time, inserted to make something sound more imminent or important, when really it does nothing.

So I don't have time to be ill today. Too much to do.


7/30/2007 07:24:00 AM : : Sela Carsen : : 4 Comments


Oh man, "Just" is just awful isn't it? I also do "really".
Congrats on the cleaning. You go girl.

By Blogger Jennifer McK, at 11:02 AM  

You lost me at cleaning.

By Blogger Kristen Painter, at 3:49 PM  

LOL I lost the urge to clean anyway. I'm going with the status quo for now -- at least until I shake the worst of this cold.

By Blogger Sela Carsen, at 4:34 PM  

It was embarrassing to see how many "justs" I had scattered around. Most of them are gone now, though. Whew!

By Blogger Sela Carsen, at 4:35 PM  

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