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Friday, May 25, 2007
Another post up at Beyond the Veil. Today I'm talking about The Gods of Egypt. It's a huge subject and I couldn't begin to cover even the basics in one post. I'll do a follow up post next time I blog there.

Recently Read:

ANANSI BOYS by Neil Gaiman. Not as dark as AMERICAN GODS was. More charming, although brief portions were fairly horrific. Still recommended, but I preferred AG.

NIGHT LOST by Lynn Viehl. The latest in her Darkyn series. Great focus on the romance -- if you're not squicked out by bugs -- and I love how she weaves the main plot into the arc of the series as a whole. Seamless. Highly recommended. Certainly paranormal with a gritty feel. Good for fans of urban fantasy who also like romance.
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Hey you. :-)

Happy Birthday!

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