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Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Still not sure what to call this story. This is part of the novella that's going to be in the Samhain Celtic Love & Lore antho this fall. Originally, I called it Heart of the Sea. Unfortunately, Nora Roberts beat me to that one. I know, titles get re-used all the time, but I just can't. Anyway, now I'm leaning towards Seduced by the Sea. Angie's laughing at me because I can't make up my mind.

In any case, this is unedited, so forgive the roughness. Chapter 1, Scene 1

It was cold! Meriel hated being cold and it was always fricking freezing in the North Atlantic. She longed for home down in Tennessee and tried to remember what a summer’s night felt like. It was no use. Even under layers of blubber and fur, she was still human and still cold.

Three years had passed since she fell into the waters of Block Island Sound in Rhode Island. She should have died, but something else happened instead. When she hit the water, she transformed into a Selkie, a seal-person of Celtic legend. She’d learned a lot about Selkies since that night. Learned a lot about magic and surviving in the open sea. Things a woman should never have to learn.

Back then, she’d thought impressing her boss was important. Now? Now, finding fish was important. Staying away from Selkie-eating killer whales was important.

Fending off the damn real seals who wanted to mate with her was important!

“Back off, fur face!” she barked at an importunate male. “I am not your girlfriend du jour.” Jeez. “A) We’re in open water, not the rookery, and B)it’s not even mating season. If I’d known how attractive I am in blubber, I’d have turned Selkie years ago.”

She grumbled to herself as she dove away from him. A lone halibut, separated from its school, swam past her. Lunch time. In a burst of speed, she chomped down on it and swallowed.

If she ever regained her human form, Meriel swore she would never, ever eat sushi again.
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Ok. You hooked me.

~ Ferfe

(Blogger ate my account)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:12 PM  

"If she ever regained her human form, Meriel swore she would never, ever eat sushi again."
I really, REALLY like this!

By Blogger Bernita, at 8:34 AM  

ROFL! This is great, Sela!

How about "Sea Food"? [ducking and running]

By Blogger Carolan Ivey, at 2:50 PM  

Fur Better or Worse
Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Hello, and thanks for all the Fish
Love and Furphies
Hoarse and Selkie
The Bark of Love
okay, I'm running too. Lots of running on your blog. :-)

By Blogger Babe King, at 3:17 AM  

We are fashioning a prize here at Island Grove Press.

The sealbottom seal of approval?

Well, the seal did like you!

But you'd better edit before the seal claps.

A tad impressionistic--in undedited form anyway.

Stay on thread and keep it tight.


By Anonymous islandgrovepress, at 10:38 PM  

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