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Dipping my toe back in

Tuesday, May 29, 2007
I think I'll take my re-entry into blogging casually.

It's summer holidays here now. I am the parent of a rising 1st grader and a 5th grader. (She just turned 10. Did I mention the gray hairs?) And so it begins. How to keep the kids occupied -- away from the TV -- yet still allow me some writing time.

I made my first sally yesterday with her birthday presents. Egyptology and the Hieroglyphics Treasure Chest. She already has books on pyramids and mummies, as well as some of the more accessible Egyptian myths and one on famous women in Egypt. I do believe I have our summer study program all set out. And it'll take relatively little effort on my part because it's something she's already interested in!

We can't forget the reading programs at the local library, Barnes & Noble, and her school. Read X many books and get prizes! Not to mention, you can read one book and put it on all three lists.

Strangely, we don't have very many outside options. There's the neighborhood pool, certainly, which we'll see a lot of, but the other kids on our street just don't seem to get out during the day.

Tomorrow is her party, so I'm taking her and some of her BFFs out for a little adventure. Loads more fun than just hanging out at home and eating cake, I think. Plus, I don't have to clean obsessively.

In any case, there's lots to do after the long weekend, so I'm off and running. Might write this afternoon, but we'll see. I seem to have lost my dining room table somewhere under all the clutter. I'll take a flare gun with me if I get lost.
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How fun! Birthdays are great fun...when you're still a kid. I take my girls to Build-a-Bear workshop every year on their birthdays. It's kind of a fun trip for some much needed one on one time and a special treat to go to the mall over on the mainland.

As for summer activities...it's hard to find stuff around here because we're on an island and it's very small and rural so not much to do. If we want to go to the mainland we have to take the ferry and it's spendy. I've been saving up for a couple of special trips, though, to the zoo and Seattle Aquarium. That'll be fun. We also do the reading challenges at the library each summer and we just bought a badmitton set which the kids are loving. They also play volleyball with the same net. Lots of outdoors fun.

The lake is visable from my front yard and the kids love to swim there in the summer so I imagine we'll be doing that a lot once the weather is really warm.

Have fun and enjoy your summer!!

By Blogger Danielle, at 2:03 PM  

Happy late birthday to you! (Today is Lara Santiago's birthday, so I'm all wrapped up in the birthday wishes.)

Secondly, I love the Egyptology stuff! I was so into it as a kid. Even wanted to follow it career-wise, but obviously didn't.

Good luck on a great summer.

By Blogger Kristen Painter, at 11:12 AM  

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