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One More Sleep!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Because that's how Monkey Boy counts days. Today, tomorrow, yesterday have no meaning for him, but counting sleeps until an event seems to work.

One more sleep until I leave for Atlanta!!! It's pouring down rain here and even though it's playing merry hell with my hair, I'm grateful. If South Carolina had a drier climate, the whole state would have exploded into flames a month ago, it's been that dry.

Spent yesterday marathon shopping with my mom -- five hours of the mall, plus a couple of other small errands and I bought a new bra, two mascaras, three pairs of earrings and a silver chain. A couple of sundries for the children, a new shirt for my mom and that's it. Five frickin' hours. I hate to shop.

At least I finally found a bra. Victoria's Secret was stunningly unhelpful. I don't expect much in the way of customer service. I really don't. But they went below and beyond. First, we had to hunt someone down to help me find the right bra in my size. She wasn't even helpful other than telling me they didn't have it in that style. She unlocked a dressing room door, then completely abandoned us. I've never had that happen at VS before, so I was surprised.

The ladies at Dillard's, however, were everything one could wish from a retail salesperson. Friendly but not creepily so, helpful and charming.

Soooo not the point of this post. But anyway.

Today is given over to laundry, ironing, packing, hair appointment, electrician coming by and possibly more showings. We've had at least five and one was a repeat. I learned long ago not to get my hopes up about such things.

New topic: Still haven't recieved notice about which classes my children will enter. School starts two weeks from today.

New topic: Received e-mail this morning from another lady who also has a blog titled "What Was I Thinking." She asked me to change my title because hers is copyrighted.

Titles cannot be copyrighted. I checked and double checked my sources, including the U.S. Copyright Office and the Creative Commons License. An intellectual properties attorney supports my position.

I did offer to link to her blog in case someone looking for her accidentally ends up here. Naturally, I'd be more than happy for anyone who wanders across my blog by any means to grab a cup of coffee (or beverage of choice -- I number tea drinkers among my readers) and settle in for a while to browse.

That's it for now, then. I'll try to drop in once more before I leave but if not


And if I don't, I'll be thinking of you. Granted, it'll be through an adrenaline and alcohol induced haze, but I'll still think of you!
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I hate to shop, too.
Have a marvellous time!

By Blogger Bernita, at 12:11 PM  

Thanks, Bernita! I usually only shop because my husband takes me. I'm desperately out of practice.

By Blogger Sela Carsen, at 12:35 PM  

I had a similar blog naming experience. I entitled mine "Super Karate Monkey Deathcar," but discovered shortly thereafter that some klepto in Canada had stolen it. I begged her for it, but like all 12 year old Canadian girls, she was ruthless and threatened me with physical violence.

Seriously though...the world is simply not big enough for TWO Super Karate Monkey Deathcars. I'm still struggling with a new title. If anyone has ideas, I'm listening.

I'm leaning towards "Macho Business Donkey Wrestler."

By Blogger NDM, at 2:10 PM  

Welcome NDM! Gosh, that uniform looks awful familiar -- I just packed away dh's flight suits. 21 years in the Air Force and we've been married for nearly 12 of them.

So sorry to hear about Super Karate Monkey Deathcar! Rotten 12yo Canadian kleptos. (Neighbors to the North -- Pretend you didn't read that!) That was a classic. Not like mine. At least half a dozen other people in the blogosphere have blogs called "What Was I Thinking." Makes me question my original and creative thought process.

By Blogger Sela Carsen, at 4:32 PM  

Funny thing is that I'm actually Navy. I worked Intelligence for a Hornet squadron for a Gulf Cruise in 2004. The background is Al Udeid Air Base (Air Force) in the lush and lovely country of Qatar. I was temporarily stationed there at the Intel Command for a month. After 3 months on the carrier, a trip to an Air Base was a welcome change...they had a pool! and a Dairy Queen! and a Pizza Hut! and they let the British setup a pub in a quonset hut!

As much flak as I give the AF, those boys knew how to do it up in the desert...

By Blogger NDM, at 3:15 PM  

Dh was at Al Udeid last year for 4 months! Small world, NDM! Huh. He never said anything about a Dairy Queen. I'm going to quit feeling sorry for him now. *gg*

By Blogger Sela Carsen, at 2:37 PM  

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