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Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Glargh. Yesterday, I choked. Not physically -- mentally. I hit the ground running and didn't quit for 10 hours. By the time I sat down to finish my edits, I just couldn't do it. I think I made myself sick with all that caffeine because I felt wretched. It's the black moment that needs fixing up and I'm being cowardly.

But I really wanted to get them done before we go on holiday tomorrow. We're taking the laptop with us, so I suppose that if worse comes to worse, I can do them while I'm gone.

On the other hand, I finally had all my neighborhood friends over for coffee and had all the kids (8 extra plus my 2) playing upstairs. We had a great time and I actually baked Cranberry Pumpkin Mini Muffins. Yum.

Then I got Monkey Boy registered for Kindergarten and took all of us for our yearly eye exam. The Monkey Princess has inhereted the Carsen curse in full measure. Blind as a bat. Perhaps I'll start calling her the Bat Princess. She's had glasses for a couple of years, but from last summer to now, her vision has taken a real tumble. So now it's time to go price glasses for her.

In the last two or three years, my vision has held steady. That's the first stretch in the last twenty something years that I haven't needed a new prescription. It used to bother my husband horribly that my Rx changed every year. He was convinced I'd be blind by 40. So was I. In fact, I've registered a slight change for the better. Yep, I'll be in bifocals before I know it.

Then we hit a couple of sales and picked up Monkey Boy's first official School Backpack. He's thrilled. It's red.

In closing, I want to let you know that posts will be infrequent for the next few days while we're in Atlanta, but I'll still be posting excerpts at Samhain's READER APPRECIATION Week tomorrow and Friday, as well as chatting on Sunday. I'll post a snippet here on the blog next week so you don't feel left out. *gg*
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I'm a bat too. It's horrifying how bad my eyesight is.

By Blogger Milady Insanity, at 9:54 AM  

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