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I Feel Better

Monday, July 24, 2006
Not 100%, but better. And it's a good thing, too, because I've got bucket load of things to do today.

Still need to do a little bit of last minute shopping, cash a check (be sure to bring lots of small bills for tipping), make sure mom and the kids have plenty of groceries in the house...

Oh. And learn how to pitch. I don't why I feel the need for this. I don't have anything to pitch. The closest thing is Daughter of Privilege and that's already headed for Kate Duffy as soon as it's done -- I'm taking that Query Contest 1st place as a request.

But I'd like to not sound like an idiot if someone asks me what I'm writing. I just need to clear out the mental space to organize my thoughts.

I just had to write a note to myself about bringing my business cards. I forgot them last year. Went through all that drama trying to figure out a good tagline and agonized over adding a phone number and then I left them at home.


But they're on the list now. And if they're on the list, then they can't be forgotten. Right?

Hey, it's my little fantasy. Don't destroy it for me.

But it's time to get up and going now. I've got a lot of calls to make to see if we can get out for dinner tonight with my mom, sans Monkey Children.

Though I make fun, they're generally well-behaved. They've been in restaurants from the backwoods to Bavaria and I've always been proud of them. *sigh* I'm trying to teach them to eat like Americans, though. I eat in a slightly modified European manner that they've picked up, but "When in America..." All that fork and knife switching gets on my nerves something fierce. What idiot thought this up? The whole process is unnecessarily complex. Eating -- the act of eating -- should be simple. I think it's why so many people rebel against learning even the most basic rules -- eating American style is too damn difficult.

But that's a rant for another day. When I have time to waste looking up graphics and videos to link back to.
7/24/2006 07:45:00 AM : : Sela Carsen : : 5 Comments


Put some business cards in your purse RIGHT NOW.

By Blogger Kristen Painter, at 8:52 AM  

Which one? I think I'm taking 4!

Kidding. I already know which one will travel with me.

By Blogger Sela Carsen, at 9:14 AM  

I'm left-handed, so I have to change hands.

By Blogger Bernita, at 2:18 PM  

I'm glad to hear you're feeling better sweets :)

By Blogger Ann Cory, at 3:08 PM  

So glad to hear you're feeling better! Hopefully with another day, you'll be at 100% :-).

By Blogger April, at 12:02 AM  

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