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I Did It.

Friday, February 10, 2006
I finished something. I finished Daughter of Privilege.

It's unbelievably rough. My world building is for crap and I know I'm somehow missing a scene near the end, but the last words have been written. It came in slightly under word count, but that's ok. I'm actually happier that it ended up under 12,000 words. It's my first attempt at erotic romance and I'm not sure I did it right. I'm not sure about a lot of things. My characters are uneven and the plot -- well, I think it came out awfully thin on paper, though I have all this backstory in my head. I have to find a way to beef it up within the story.

Now I'm going to let it sit for a while before I try to fix all of its mistakes. There are so many, I'm a bit overwhelmed by the idea of repairing and polishing right now.

But I did it. I finally finished my second ms.
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Congrats on getting that first draft done! That's a big step. Finishing just feels good, too, don't you think?

By Blogger Kristen Painter, at 8:08 AM  

Congratulations! Letting it sit for a while makes sense to me. Fresh eyes and all that, when you come back to it.

By Anonymous riemannia, at 8:10 AM  

Getting it down is VITAL.
Mistakes, shimakes.
Revisions are normal.

By Blogger Bernita, at 8:20 AM  

Yay for finishing! That's awesome!

And I'm tagging you with "currently..." (you can see on my blog if you haven't seen this one yet). Enjoy! hahahaha

By Blogger Karen, at 9:37 AM  

WTG, Sela!!!! One more story, chica, and you'll have enough for a single author anthology! Think about it! ::shivery good feelings::

By Blogger Jaye, at 11:49 AM  

Awesome, Sela! The first in a different genre always seems the hardest to finish in a satisfactory nature. If you're interested in another erotica writer's opinion, let me know and we can work something out. :)

By Blogger Savannah Jordan, at 3:18 PM  

Congratulations, Sela!

By Anonymous raine, at 3:30 AM  

Yay! It's a great feeling when you finish even when you know you need to go back. Congratulations!

By Blogger Nell Dixon, at 7:47 AM  


By Blogger Barb, at 12:32 AM  

YOu go girl! Enjoy the feeling, you have finished. You are more than a one manuscript woman.

By Blogger Michelle Styles, at 12:37 AM  

Whoo oHoooo!

By Blogger Sasha White, at 2:54 AM  

WOO HOOOOOO Sela!!! I'm so freaking proud of you!

*does happy dance*

By Blogger Anna Lucia, at 5:08 AM  

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