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Cultural experiment?

Tuesday, October 18, 2005
If your blog is listed in the sidebar at Romancing the Blog, then Monica Jackson probably has it included in her latest post. Monica is a fierce advocate for erasing the racism from romance, not only in the content, but in the publishing and marketing aspects of the business.

She encouraged people to randomly pick books written from 10 of the authors listed and see if they enjoyed them -- without preconceptions. Then apply this experiment and see if you can generalize to say "I love/hate ALL the books written by people who are listed at RTB." Obviously, this is sophistry. I suppose it makes a point, of a sort, although it's a point made with a blunt-edge instrument. Generalities don't often accomplish much with people who are truly teachable. But I suppose there are enough close-minded folks still around that her lesson might be of some use. If it is, I wish her well.

In the comments, I noted that:
I’ve read romances by authors of many races and unless an author is deliberately attempting to inject an ethnic or cultural tone, I can rarely tell who’s who. It’s possible that I’m not reading very deeply (in fact, I’d say it’s likely) but I tend to take romance novels at face value, rather than reading for mind-bending philosophy or a cultural immersion experience.
10/18/2005 09:22:00 AM : : Sela Carsen : : 3 Comments


I posted that a while back, after reading more than one comment that someone had read a few AA romances, found them mediocre and somehow applied that to the entire sub-genre.

My main point though, is that it's stupid to have a sub-genre defined by race, any race because people within that race are as diverse as any other.

And yep, I truly think there are plenty of close-minded folks around, of all races and types, that jus' don't get it.

Do you really think I'm fierce? Really? I like that, sorta like I'm channeling Malcolm X or something.

But, heck, didn't he get shot?

By Anonymous Monica, at 10:04 AM  

Yeesh. Yeah, he did. But fierce is still a good thing! It's his legacy, not his end, that matters.

By Blogger Sela Carsen, at 10:33 AM  

Would that make all romance books superb if I found 3 keepers? See your point Monica.

By Blogger Annalee Blysse, at 4:58 AM  

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