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Closing In

Wednesday, August 31, 2005
I am just thiiiiiis close to finishing up with one scene in Dude. It was the one nearly all my CPs commented could use more tension, so I'm trying to ramp it up while retaining the snark.

Then it'll be done.

I need to finish the synopsis and cast another eye over my query letter, but that'll be it.

So I'm blogging instead of finishing.

I'm too nauseous to finish tonight. And too tired.

MIL has been awesome! Whenever my mom visits, she picks a project to do. Usually she irons every scrap of clothing in the house and weeds the garden. But she's weird.

MIL decided to help us clear out the garage. OMG! After the garbage men come tomorrow morning, we may actually be able to park both cars in there! And we can get to the big items we'd like to get rid of as well, like the brass bed frame, the baby crib and the gigantic wooden desk. They're things we'd like to donate to the Goodwill or whatever, but they got stacked behind several other stacks, so we couldn't get to them TO donate them. I foresee extra space in the garage beyond the parking area within a fortnight. Amazing. She's headed back to Indiana tomorrow and I'm going to miss her. I feel somewhat vindicated in that I'm sending her home with a couple of good vegetarian recipes -- Tuscan Bread Salad with Roasted Bell Peppers and Cuban Black Beans and Rice with Papaya Salsa.
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YAY!! Good work onthe garage...and Dude!!

UHmm WHen are you submitting it?

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