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Dude Revisited

Sunday, March 26, 2006
I'm spending part of my weekend revisiting Dude. I haven't read it in months. No kidding. Months. And I'm seeing things that make me blush. Stuff I thought I'd fixed. Random headhops. Sentences that have no business being where they are. A secondary character who is lame, lame, lame.


No wonder Kate Duffy rejected it. Yikes.

So I'm fixing it up in anticipation of shipping it out for another round of submissions.

Still working on The Regency That Wouldn't Die. I can't settle on a title I like. The current one is A Dark and Stormy Knight. Except he's a baron. pfft. Details, schmetails.

Speaking of details, did I mention that Dude is now called Not Quite Dead? Yeah. It's still kind of blah, but a laugh-out-loud title isn't in my top 10 considerations right now. Getting rid of the crappy parts of it is.
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