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Back again

Friday, April 29, 2005
Sorry for the hiatus, folks. I was feeling less than chipper and didn't see the need to indulge in public angstiness. But I'm on the upswing now!

The writing fell out this week, too, but I feel ok about that. A friend from Romance Divas said it well. Writing is "like having a TV on in my head all the time and honestly, I get tired of the constant noise sometimes." I took the week and turned off the TV. I feel much more centered now. Not to mention that I plowed through my TBR pile so there's only one book left.

Computer wise, I've also stepped back on my surfing and blog-hopping. I'm doing a lot more lurking and skimming right now, which feels pretty good from my end.

The kids have a school holiday today, but it's gloomy out. I think we'll have to leave the house and do something fun. I don't want to be stuck inside with them all day!

So that's the update here. I'll come up with something pithy, snarky and possibly writing related another day. Enjoy!
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