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Help Me Rename Dude!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005
I think part of the problem with DUDE that made it sound more YA in style was the title. There are other things I can do to make it feel less YA, too, but this is one of them. Unfortunately for me, it's been such a part of the story since its inception that I can't move past it. So I need some help.

Here's the blurb I wrote for my query to Kate:

Sabine Harper’s night started out badly – a dead man jumped out of his grave and she got chased by a vampire. The dead guy, Willem Breaux, turned out to be not so bad. The vampire, on the other hand, caused all kinds of trouble. Sabine needs to re-evaluate reality in a hurry. The Three Fates are real? Vampires exist? And a guy who may or may not be entirely dead is looking much, much better to her than any of the living men she’s ever dated.

Willem has only three days to avenge his murder, but now that he’s awakened more than a century into the future, he’s discovering that he needs Sabine’s help more than he could have imagined. And in the end, he’ll need her love more than anything else.

So, based on that, can anyone help me brainstorm a title?
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:::think, think, think....:::

Briana looks like Pooh scratching his head. :)

By Blogger Eva Gale, at 10:59 AM  

Second Time Around?
I liked Julies of Drop Dead Gorgeous.

Hmm, will think more.

By Blogger Sasha White, at 11:55 AM  

Well, I suck at titles, but let me give it a gander...

Dead Man's Loving?

By Anonymous Danica, at 7:17 PM  

First Chance, Second Try

I dont know it seems catchy.

Grave Wonders

Midnight Awakenings

Last Chance

Stroke Of The End

Murder's Retreat

Ok I give up hehe my poor brain is fried.

By Blogger Haven Rich, at 7:40 PM  

I like Julie's suggestion too but lets give this a try.

Undead Behaving Badly?
Boo Are You *groan* sorry........
Ghouls Gone Wild
*rolling on the floor laughing*
No, I'm serious. Dead SEries


By Blogger Amie Stuart, at 10:51 AM  

Drop Dead Gorgeous
Sex and the Single Zombie
Ghouls Gone Wild

These are great! Y'all are cracking me up!! LOL

By Blogger Sela Carsen, at 12:10 PM  

MaryJanice Davidson has a book coming out next year called Drop Dead Gorgeous.

Ghouls Gone Wild is hysterical!

How about A Girl, A Guy and a Vamp?

By Blogger Jana J. Hanson, at 2:38 PM  

Dead Man Dating
The Ghoul Next Door
Dead To The World
Mad, Bad and Deadly To Know
Kiss Me Deadly
Dead Like Me
Another One Bites The Dust
Dead Ghouls Don't Wear Prada
Death Becomes Him

By Blogger Kristen Painter, at 3:08 PM  

Dead man Talking

[Un}Dead Again

and my personal favorite . . .

The [Nec]Romance[r]

By Blogger J.F. Cossey, at 3:54 PM  

Dead Dudes are Trouble
The Trouble with Dead Guys
The Three Fates and a Dead Guy
Sabine and the Dead Guy

Can you tell I like 'Dead Guy'?

By Blogger Trace, at 4:34 PM  

A Corpse is a Corpse, Of Course

By Blogger Julie, at 7:51 PM  

that was supposed to be dead serious *g*

By Blogger Amie Stuart, at 9:14 PM  

The [Nec]Romance[r]
I love that title!

How about Dead to Rights?

I love the story idea.

By Anonymous suzanhyssen, at 9:52 PM  

The Ghost who Loved Me
Nocturnal Spirits
Ghost of a Chance
Ghost Lover

By Blogger Barb, at 10:37 PM  

I Dig You (Up)

By Blogger Julie, at 3:37 AM  


By Blogger Julie, at 3:38 AM  


That was way too clever Julie!

By Blogger Amie Stuart, at 10:36 AM  

Grave Lover

By Blogger Kate Allan, at 5:34 AM  

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