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Sunday musings

Sunday, July 03, 2005
Since I'm too much of a heathen to get ready for church today.

Actually, by the time I rolled out of bed (late), did my half hour on the stationary bike, then fed the kids, I knew that for us to get ready for church, I'd have to spend the next half hour screaming at everyone and the idea just didn't put me in a "church" frame of mind. Also, when my kids complained, "Church is boring," the only response that sprang to mind was, "Tough! That's what church is for." I figured I'd better work on my attitude instead.

So I'm at home this morning, secure in the knowledge that God loves me anyway. I know because the sun is shining and there's a fresh pot of coffee.

Anyway, I'm writing this post as pre-writing. I'm warming up my writing muscles so that when I hit "Publish Post," I can move directly to the WIP (Work In Progress, if any non-writers happen by -- Hi Shriek!)

I've already written a little about this in a smaller journal I have over at Romance Divas, so for those of you who have already seen this, you may continue your bloghopping now.

Since I began writing 3 years ago, it's been drummed into my head to finish one story before I begin another. I'm a seriously distracted person and I thought the discipline would be good for me, so I've followed that advice. But now that I look back, it may have led to me abandoning a lot of stories simply because I haven't got the attention span to do just one thing at a time. So I'm loosening my strictures.

I will work on whatever strikes my fancy as long as it moves forward every time I work on it. I will not rewrite the beginning 8 times.

And yes, I've done that before. I've written several novels worth of beginnings, but only ever finished one novella.

So now I'm working on COLD again. It's the one with the hero whose voice is a ruin. BTW, I discovered what happened to him. Poor man. Nasty scar. And I finally found the setting, though it will require a ton of research to get it just right. In the meantime, I've done enough to get me going. I'll figure out the details later.

As long as I'm here, I'll also get another plug in for Romance Divas, who are running another great FREE workshop this month. Author Jess Michaels will be hosting her "So I Wrote This Book... Now What?" workshop in the Forum. Just register to become a member and you're eligible for the workshop and the monthly giveaway. The workshop starts July 18th. Read Kristen's interview with Jess here
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Hey Sela,
We stayed home today too! I'll tell ya why later. Love to read your updates! Keep 'em comin'!
Love YA!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:06 PM  

Writing more than one book at a time works for me - it's finding what suits you best and going with the flow. Also means if I get stuck on one story, I can switch to another - less stress!

Happy Fourth of July, btw. :)

By Anonymous Kate Hardy, at 11:52 AM  


I'm a quilt artist... and we all know about WIPs. I usually have 3-10 pieces I'm juggling through phases.. the new "boyfriend" piece which I'm infatuated with and want to think about all the time...

the "good friends" pieces.. parts of a series, not the first... but learning a subject more thoroughly...

and the "best friend" or "spouse" piece.. the one that I think is really good and may be important and deserves, like a fine wine, the time to mature.

Enjoy it in writing.

By Blogger Debra, at 6:28 PM  

I was doing the same thing - one work at one time. Now I have seven WIPs. I'm not sure which is more evil, to tell ya the truth.

By Blogger Brenda Bradshaw, at 4:29 PM  

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