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I'm back!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2005
Picture a squishy white chick what ain't got no rhythm dancing around the house yesterday as the new computer finally came online. That was me screaming, "YAY!!! I'm not stupid!!!"

Cursed, maybe. But not stupid.

After various woes and two CPUs, I'm back. It feels wonderful. Checking in from the library was not a bad deal, but certainly not I-deal. (Get it? That was a play on words. Just to prove how terribly clever I am.)

The story, COLD, is 31 pages long. I finally downloaded Bertie and that's what I ended up with. Of course, most of it is crap, but there are a few good turns of phrase contained therein. Actually, it was really enlightening to watch all the words spew across the screen. I could see where I had changed directions, where things were forced, and where they flowed.

As I slept, the story must have kept working because this morning I awoke with a less muddy vision of the whole than I have previously had. To my chagrin, it necessitates yet another change in location, but I can live with that. Luckily, it's an area I've lived in, though not for years.

Maybe the next time I post, I'll wax philosophical about some weighty issue. But not today. Today, I'm just glad to be back.
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So glad you're back, Sela!!

By Blogger Tricia Fields, at 5:53 PM  

I'm glad you're back too!

By Blogger Kate Allan, at 11:40 AM  

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